تماس با من
پروفایل من
نویسنده (های) وبلاگ Amin
آرشیو وبلاگ
      آموزش زبان های خارجه ی زبانیکا (آموزش کامل انواع زبان های خارجه)
واژه ها ضروری تافل - قسمت دوم نویسنده: Amin - ۱۳٩٠/٥/٢۱


advanced  advantage  advent  agile  albeit  allow
 appealing  celebrated  contemporary  distribute
 encourage  energetic  frail  refine  worthwhile

همراه با آزمون

advanced .

adj. very modern
v. advance
n. advancement
Syn. progressive

Advanced technology is changing the world.
His advancement to captain came unexpectedly.
advanced weapon systems
advanced technology
high levels of unemployment in the advanced industrial societies


advantage    (written)

n. something that may help one to be successful or to gain something

Syn. benefit

adv. advantageously
adj. advantageous


Is there any advantage in arriving early?
He was advantageously born into a rich family.



n. the arrival or coming of (an important event, period, invention, etc.):
Syn. arrival

With the advent of computers, many tasks have been made easier.
The newspapers announced the advent of the concert season.
People are much better informed since the advent of television.



adj. able to move in a quick and easy way
adv. agilely
n. agileness
n. agility
Syn. nimble

Deer are very agile animals.
She moved agilely across the stage.
agile as a deer  
he jumped over the fence with agility
an agile animal
an agile mind



conj. in spite of the facts, regardless of the fact
used to add information that reduces the force or importance of what you have just said
Syn. although, even though

His trip was successful, albeit tiring.
Albeit difficult at times, speaking another language is rewarding.
He accepted the job, albeit with some hesitation.
Chris went with her, albeit reluctantly.
It was a very important, albeit small, mistake.
Attitudes to this question are changing, albeit slowly.



v. to agree to let something happen, not to interfere
with an action
n. allowance
adj. allowable
adv. allowable
Syn. permit

Arthur's natural agility will allow him to excel in sports.
The extra money allowed us to stay abroad another day.



adj. attractive or interesting, able to move
Syn. alluring
v. appeal feelings
n. appeal
adv. appealingly

Working abroad is appealing to many people.
Through his speeches, the candidate appealed to the voters.



adj. acclaimed, well-known, and popular, famous
Syn. renown

The celebrated pianist will give a concert this weekend.
San Francisco is celebrated for its multicultural makeup.
a celebrated actress a celebrated legal case
a celebrated poet  
a celebrated writer/legal trial
Venice is celebrated for its beautiful buildings.



adj. modern, up-to-date; also a person living at the
same time as another person, happening or done in the same period of time
n. contemporary
Syn. current

Contemporary architecture makes very good use of space.
Cervantes was a contemporary of Shakespeare.
Sa'di and Rumi were contemporaries 
contemporary Iranian literature  
The wall hangings are thought to be roughly contemporary with the tiled floors.

an exhibition of contemporary Japanese prints

life in contemporary Britain

Hejazi was one of the most celebrated football players in Iran.
Shahnameh, which is known as the “Book of Kings” in English, is the celebrated work of the epic poet Ferdowsi



v. to divide among people or to give out
n. distribution
Syn. dispense

Many publishers distribute their newspapers directly to homes in their area.
The distribution of seeds is very quick with this new machine.



v. to give courage or hope to someone
n. encouragement
adj. encouraging
adv. encouragingly
Syn. inspire

Even though the runner finished second, he was encouraged by his performance.
His teacher gave him the encouragement that he needed to learn the material.



adj. full of life, action, or power
n. energy
adv. energetically
Syn. vigorous

Sam hasn't been as energetic as he usually is.
There's a lot of energy in these batteries.



adj. weak in health or in body
Syn. fragile

The frail wings of the newborn bird could not lift it off the ground.
One of the frailties of human beings is laziness.
disease had left the old man frail 
She is now eighty, and becoming too frail to live alone.



v. to make pure, to improve
n. refinement
adj. refined
Syn. perfect

Factories must to refine oil before it can be used as fuel.
A squirt of lime juice is the perfect refinement to cola.
Car makers are constantly refining their designs.
oil refining



adj. value in doing something
if something is worthwhile, it is important or useful, or you gain something from it
Syn. rewarding

It was worthwhile waiting 10 hours in line for the tickets.
It's worthwhile to enroll in
a worthwhile charity to contribute to
We had a long wait, but it was worthwhile because we got the tickets.
He wanted to do a worthwhile job.
We decided to give the money to a worthwhile cause (=one that helps people) .
I thought it was worthwhile to clarify the matter.
It wasn't worthwhile continuing with the project.

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