تماس با من
پروفایل من
نویسنده (های) وبلاگ Amin
آرشیو وبلاگ
      آموزش زبان های خارجه ی زبانیکا (آموزش کامل انواع زبان های خارجه)
واژه ها ضروری تافل - قسمت سوم نویسنده: Amin - ۱۳٩٠/٥/٢۱


alter  analyze  ancient  annoying  anticipate
 conform  defect  enrich  intensify  intolerable
 observe ongoing  propose  restore 


همراه با آزمون


v. to change or make different  (to make or become different, but without changing into something else)

v. altered
n. alteration
adj. alterable
adv. alterably
Syn. modify

I Will the starlit alter its course and miss the coast?
Gloria hasn't altered her plans to return to school.

after the death of his children, he was an altered man  
the weather alters from one season to another 
Her face hadn't altered much over the years.
The city centre has altered beyond recognition (=changed very much) .
Nothing can alter the fact that the refugees are our responsibility.

This shirt will have to be altered; it’s too large.
The village hasn’t really altered much since the last time I was there.



v. to study something carefully, to separate into parts for study
Syn. examine
n. analyzed
n. analysis

Scientists must analyze problems thoroughly.
Analysis of the substance confirms the presence of nitrogen.



adj. something from a long time ago, very old.
Syn. old

Archaeologists analyze ancient civilizations.
Dave found an ancient Roman coin.



adj. a slight bother, disturbing to a person
Syn. bothersome
n. annoyance
v. annoy
adv. annoyingly

Mosquitoes can be an annoying part of a vacation at the beach.
She annoyed her parents by coming home late.



v. to think about or prepare for something ahead of time
Syn. predict
adj. anticipatory
n. anticipation

No one can anticipate the results of the games.
They planned their vacation with anticipation.
We don't anticipate any problems.
A good speaker is able to anticipate an audience's needs and concerns.
This year, we anticipate that our expenses will be 15% greater.
It is anticipated that the research will have many different practical applications.



v. to follow established rules or patterns of
(to obey or be in accordance with established rules)
Syn. adapt
n. conformity behavior
n. conformist

Yon must conform to the rules or leave the club.
She has always been a conformist.
You must either conform to the rules or leave the school.
This piece of equipment does not conform to the official safety standards.
Students can be expelled for refusing to conform to school rules.
All new buildings must conform with the regional development plan.
products which conform to international safety standards



v. to find out, to observe something
Syn. notice
n. detection
n. detective

He detected a smile on his girlfriend's face.
They are the best detectives on the police force.
Many forms of cancer can be cured if detected early.
Dan detected a change in her mood.
Do I detect a note of sarcasm in your voice?



v. to make rich, to make something of greater value
Syn. enhance
n. enrichment
adj. enriching

The fine arts enrich our lives.
The discovery of oil was an enrichment for the country.



v. to make stronger in feeling or quality
to increase in degree or strength, or to make something do this
Syn. heighten
n. intensity
adj. intense
adj. intensive
adv. intensely
adv. intensively

The importance of the test will sometimes intensify the nervousness of the students.
The chess match was played with great intensity.
In June the civil war intensified.
His mother's death intensified his loneliness.
The strong wind seemed to intensify the cold.
Efforts to reach the injured men have been intensified because of a sudden deterioration in weather conditions.

The intensification of the industrial dispute has caused alarm in government circles.
we must intensify our efforts  
their rivalry is intensifying  
separation intensified their love  
the guerrillas intensified their attacks



adj. difficult or painful to experience, not
able to accept different ways of thought or behavior
(too difficult, bad, annoying etc for you to accept or deal with)
Syn. unbearable
n. intolerance
adv. intolerably
adv. intolerantly
adj. intolerant

Any opposition to the rules is intolerable.
His boss was intolerant of his tardiness.
intolerable pain/rudeness
an intolerable situation
his behavior was intolerable  
intolerable pain  
'This is intolerable!' exclaimed Sir Rufus.
The pain had become intolerable.



Syn. notice
v. to see and watch carefully, to examine
n. observation
n. observer
adj. observant
adj. observable

Human beings like to observe the behavior of monkeys.
I made the observation that you are not happy.



adj. continuing
Syn. current

The tutoring project is an ongoing program of the school.
Maintaining roads is an ongoing job.
their ongoing search for a new director
ongoing negotiations
The discussions are still ongoing.
ongoing discussions



Syn. suggest
v. to suggest or plan to do something
n. proposal
n. proposition
adj. proposed

The governor is going to propose new taxes.
Her proposal was well accepted.
What do you propose we do?
The company has proposed a new formula for settling the dispute.
I wish to propose Charles Robson for membership of the club.
to propose a motion
I propose delaying our decision until the next meeting/that we delay our decision until the next meeting.


ِCommon Errors
It was proposed all members of the staff to start work an hour earlier.
It was proposed that all members of the staff (should) start work an hour earlier.
propose that someone (should) do something



v. to give back or bring back something; to
return to the original condition
n. restoration
adj. restored
Syn. revitalize

He restored my confidence in hint.
It is a beautiful restoration of the old table.

the stolen property was restored to its owner   
to restore law and order   
to restore the factory to profitability  
they restored the lost child to her parents



very necessary; of the greatest importance:
adj. of great importance, full of life
Syn. indispensable
n. vitality
adv. vitally

Money is vital to the success of the program.
His intense vitality was easily observable.

Your support is vital to/for the success of my plan.
It’s vital that we (should) act at once.
issues of vital national importance




آزمون‌های درس 3 لغات ضروری آزمون تافل

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آزمون شماره 1· درس 3 لغات ضروری آزمون تافل

آزمون شماره 2 درس 3 لغات ضروری آزمون تافل


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