تماس با من
پروفایل من
نویسنده (های) وبلاگ Amin
آرشیو وبلاگ
      آموزش زبان های خارجه ی زبانیکا (آموزش کامل انواع زبان های خارجه)
واژه های ضروری تافل - قسمت چهارم نویسنده: Amin - ۱۳٩٠/٥/٢٢


ambiguous  apparent  arbitrary  assert  astounding
 astute  authorize  deceptively  determined  elicit
 forbid  petition  relinquish  resilient  tempt

همراه با آزمون


something that is ambiguous is unclear, confusing, or not certain, especially because it can be understood in more than one way
Syn. vague
opposite. unambiguous
adv. ambiguously
n. ambiguity

The men received an ambiguous message from their boss.
His letter was full of ambiguities.
The language in the Minister's statement is highly ambiguous.His role in the affair is ambiguous.
The legislation had been ambiguously worded .



adj. easily seen or understood; EVIDENT
Syn. visible
adv. apparently

It was apparent that he needed to rest.
No one apparently knew to solve the problem.
Her anxiety was apparent to everyone.
The reasons for his sudden departure soon became apparent. (=were soon understood)
It’s quite apparent that she has no intention of changing her mind.

It soon became apparent that we had a major problem.
It is apparent from scientific studies that the drug has some fairly nasty side effects.
It was apparent to everyone that he was seriously ill.
The difference in quality was immediately apparent .He left suddenly, for no apparent reason .



adj. an action or decision made with little thought, order, or reason
decided by or based on chance or personal opinion rather than facts or reason; RANDOM

decided or arranged without any reason or plan, often unfairly

Syn. haphazard
adv. arbitrarily
n. arbitrariness

The teacher arbitrarily decided to give the class a test.
an arbitrary decision
the arbitrary arrests of political opponents
I didn’t know anything about any of the books so my choice was pretty arbitrary.
he gave arbitrary orders.  
he hired and fired employees arbitrarily  
an arbitrary symbol  
an arbitrarily chosen number



n. to express or defend oneself strongly, to state positively
Syn. declare
adv. assertively
n. assertiveness
n. assertion
adj. assertive

The government asserted its control over the banking system.
The company president is an assertive individual.
French cooking, she asserted, is the best in the world.
He asserted that nuclear power was a safe and non-polluting energy source.
he asserted her opinions.
Although she was found guilty, she continued to assert her innocence.
The administration has repeatedly asserted that it will not change its policy.
he kept asserting his objection.



adj. very surprising, so surprising that it is almost impossible to believe
Syn. astonishing
v. astound
adv. astoundingly

The scientists made an astounding discovery.
The fans were astounded by their team's success.
The news of their divorce astounded me.
an astounding defeat in the election.
We were astounded by his success/astounded to hear that he had won.
The concert was an astounding success.
astoundingly beautiful scenery.



adj. very intelligent, smart, clever
Syn. perceptive
adj. astutely
n. astuteness

He was an astute worker, finishing in half the time it took the others to finish.
They astutely determined that there would be no chance to finish on time.
astute investments.
an astute politician.  
John astutely foresaw that the price of gold would go up.



v. to give permission or power to do something
Syn. empower


adj. authorized
n. authority

Only authorized employees are allowed in the laboratory.
The dean has the authority to resolve academic problem of students.
Who authorized the payment of this bill?
I’ve been authorized (by the court) to repossess this property.
the attack had been authorized by the president.  
who authorized you to...?  
he is not authorized to spend the budget as he pleases.



adv. to make someone think that something is true or good when it is false or bad
Syn. misleadingly
adj. deceptive
v. deceive
n. deception

The magician deceptively made the rabbit disappear.
Richard deceived Joe about the cost of the coat.
The salesman made it look deceptively simple.




adj. to be strong in one's opinion, to be firm in

conviction, having a strong will,
n. determination
v. determine

Syn. resolute

They were determined to go to graduate school.
The judge determined that the man was lying.
a very determined woman who always gets what she wants
I am determined to go and nothing will stop me.
he is determined to go.  
to make a determined effort. 
Gwen is a very determined woman.
She was determined to win.
determined (that)
He was determined that the same mistakes would not be repeated.



v. to get the facts, to draw out, to evoke
to succeed in drawing out (facts, information, etc.) from someone, esp. after much effort:
Syn. extract
n. elicitation

A lawyer will elicit all the facts necessary to prove her case.
Elicitation of the truth can be difficult at times.
After much questioning, he elicited the truth (from the boy).
Their appeal for funds didn’t elicit much of a response.
she elicited harmonious sounds from that old instrument. 
the questionnaire elicited more aspects of his personality.  
When her knock elicited no response , she opened the door and peeped in.
The test uses pictures to elicit words from the child.



v. to command not to do something to have a dangerous look, bad feeling
Syn. ban
ᅳopposite permit

adj. forbidden
adj. forbidding
adv. forbiddingly

His father will forbid him to use the car.
The cave looks forbidding let's not go in.
He was forbidden to leave the house, as a punishment.
Women are forbidden from going out without a veil.
The law strictly forbids racial or sexual discrimination.



v. to make a request
n. petition
Syn. appeal

Canada petitioned the United Nations to consider its case.
The student's petition was denied.
he petitioned to have his job changed.  
citizens have the right to petition the government.  
to petition for a divorce
We’re petitioning for a new playground for the school children.
The people petitioned to be allowed to return to their island.
They petitioned the government to reconsider its decision.
Villagers petitioned the local authority to provide better bus services.
Residents are petitioning against the new road.
More and more couples are petitioning for divorce .




v. to give up (power, position, a claim, etc.):
n. relinquishment
Syn. abdicate

The troubled executive relinquished his control of the company.
The relinquishment of his claim to the building will allow the building to be sold.
No one wants to relinquish power once they have it.
Stultz relinquished control to his subordinate.
relinquishing power is harder than seizing it  
he relinquished his grip on his armchair  
the project was deferred not relinquished  
The idea of relinquishing teaching  
to relinquish power.
He relinquished his claim to the land/his hold on my arm.
She relinquished all control over the family business to her daughter.



adj. strong enough to recover from difficulty or disease
Syn. tenacious
adv. resiliently
n. resilience

She has a resilient personality and will soon feel better.
The doctor was surprised by his patient's resilience.
It’s been a terrible shock, but she’s very resilient and will get over it soon.
Children are often very resilient.
she is a resilient woman and will soon get over the tragedy.



v. to make it attractive to do something wrong
to persuade or attract (someone) to do something that seems pleasant or advantageous but may be unwise or immoral; make (someone) want to do something:

Syn. entice
adv. temptingly
n. temptation
adj. tempting

The idea of getting rich quickly tempted him to invest his life savings.
Desserts are more tempting when one is on a diet.
The Devil tempted Christ by offering him power over all the world.
A rival company is trying to tempt her away from her present job with an offer of more money.
a tempting offer.
I think these enticing displays of products in stores only tempt people into stealing. (=encourage them to steal).
The fine weather tempted us to go outside.
It’s a very attractive offer, and I’m tempted to accept. (=I would like to accept but am not sure if I should).
Can I tempt you to another doughnut?


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